THE ORIGIN OF THE One Seven® academy

Due to the enormous growth of One Seven® systems throughout the world, also the number of people and training institutes, which offer One Seven® training under their own name and often using their own developed tactics, have grown.

To stop this uncontrolled growth and to make sure that One Seven® is used in the same way all around the world, the One Seven® Academy was founded in 2013 by BMT Fire & Rescue and NFRS Nordic Fire & Rescue Service, with the full support of One Seven®, the manufacturer of the One Seven® systems.


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In order to ensure that, anywhere in the world, One Seven® is used in the same way for the various fire scenarios, a number of international One Seven® Master Instructors have been appointed. These One Seven® Academy appointed Master Instructors are specially selected and trained One Seven® instructors with years of knowledge in fire fighting and especially in the use of One Seven®.

Besides extensive knowledge in fire fighting they also possess excellent teaching skills. Through an extensive and proven train-the-trainer program the knowledge for the correct, effective and efficient way of deploying One Seven® in the various fire scenario’s is passed on by these Master Instructors.

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Our value and garantee

Primarily the focus of the One Seven® Academy lies with training fire instructors through a number of available train-the-trainer programs.

Al these programs are completed with obtaining a certificate and a registration in the One Seven® instructors register. To qualify for this, the input and competence of the participant has to be sufficient according to the judgment of the One Seven® Master Instructor. Furthermore the gained knowledge will be checked with a questionnaire. After earning this certificate the participant is capable of transferring this knowledge to the fire fighters in his / her own fire brigade or organisation during a One Seven® user training. Making sure that this unique and effective extinguishing agent will be used in the safest and most efficient way.