One seven academy

The safety of fire fighters is an important topic on the agenda throughout the world. Reason why fire fighters have to be trained continuously, also in the correct way of using One Seven during fire fighting.

In order to achieve this a number of international One Seven partners, with the support of the manufacturer, have decided to start the One Seven Academy in 2013. The goal of the One Seven Academy is to train fire instructors in the correct usage of One Seven during various scenarios, through an extended train-de-trainer program. At their turn these fire instructors are than able to share this information within their own fire brigade or organisation.


Latest news

Training on video

Short impression of a One Seven Academy-training, with nice action-cam footage!

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Start of the Academy

We are proud to inform you that after a long period of preparations we are almost ready to start with our international One Seven® training program.

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The Academy on Facebook

De One Seven® Academy heeft ook haar eigen Facebook pagina.

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